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Rosetta, KZN Midlands

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Helen Field

Tension & Trauma Release TRE® (TRE Gauteng, 2014-2015), Psychophonetics Diploma (Persephone College, 2002-2006), Craniosacral Therapy (SAICS Diploma, 2000-2002), National Diploma in Diagnostic Radiography (1978 - 1980), Fascia & Trauma Release - 2022 TRE® Advanced Trainings (TREforAfrica – 2017 & 2020 Dr Berceli), Neurofeedback (ADD Lab, JHB - 2019), CST - Upledger 1 & 2, SMR 1, and Teaching Assist - Upledger, CST - Biodynamic Embryology (Atmada Foundation), CST - Biodynamic, Trust the Tide (Lynn Shorthouse), Visceral Manipulation (VM 1 & 2 - Int. Alliance & Barral Inst), International Postgrad Medical Training in Anthroposophical Medicine & Health Care, First Aid (Alive First Aid Academy, Johannesburg – ongoing)

Bodily homeostasis is the foundation upon which health depends and out of which authentic self-manifestation can blossom.

It is a never-ending process constantly threatened by day-to-day challenges, losses, worries, injuries and all life experiences. As part of this, nervous-system balance is vital for the well-being of all systems and for the healthy integration of body/mind functionality.

Personal Approach

My client-directed approach recognises the body’s inherent wisdom as the natural authority in the processes of healing and growth, and involves calling upon and supporting the natural physiological capabilities needed for well-being.

Although my practical approach varies I apply this view equally in my work with children and adults. Being non-invasive it is safe and supportive, respectfully addressing the unique needs and conditions of all clients across the age spectrum.

What I Offer

  • Craniosacral Therapy (CST) – individual sessions, in-person
  • Tension and Trauma Release (TRE) – individual sessions, in person AND ONLINE
  • TRE group-work facilitation

Complimentary Modalities

  • Body-work: Craniosacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Somato Emotional Release, Tension & Trauma Release (TRE)
  • Inner Life: Biography and Destiny Learning, Psychophonetics Life Integration Facilitation

Focusing on creating a stillness for a safe and calming environment is key in her practice in promoting self-healing for both adults and children.