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Kitya Nowicki is facilitating training in Craniosacral touch after 20 years of witnessing its benefits in herself and her clients. The subject has become vast and is rich with potential for its therapeutic value.

Our aim at Integral Health is to present relevant information in a coherent fashion.

Skilled, safe Craniosacral practitioners will be an asset to the health industry.


Foundation Training

This Foundation Training in Craniosacral therapy (CST) is facilitated by Kitya Nowicki, a physiotherapist who has embraced this approach to understanding how we respond to our environment.  Read more at

Post graduate training

Integral health aims to hold space for Craniosacral Practitioners to share and exchange knowledge of this fascinating and evolving therapy. Read more at

The Craniosacral Therapy Association of South Africa (CSTA SA) is a non-profit organisation who serves the public, and its members across South Africa, 

The Association also supports members in Botswana, Mauritius, Morocco, and  New Zealand, and welcome new members from across the continent.