Join the CSTSA Association

The Craniosacral Therapy Association of South Africa, represents practitioners from all over South Africa, Mauritius and some parts of the rest of the world.

Craniosacral Therapists wishing to apply to be a registered CST with  Association will need to complete an application form and have the minimum requirements under the direction of an approved institution and have an accredited Diploma from that institution. Upon submission of your information, a committee member will review and reply to the email address provided on the form.


Why Join?

Applicants wanting to join the Association will need to submit all details of training and curriculum content to the membership officer for approval. Upon receiving approval, an official membership application form will be sent detailing the membership fees and this will need to be filled out and sent back with proof of payment and all Diploma and certificate copies. Members’ names and addresses are listed on the CSTA website, they can vote at AGMs and they benefit from publicity material the Association generates, including leaflets and newsletters.

The membership benefits are:

  • Low cost annual fees (R480 per annum or R250 for Students)
  • A website for promoting the benefits of CST
  • Members of the association are entitled to call themselves a registered CST and thus use the letters RCST after their name
  • Discounted rates to workshops and training to grow your business and experience
  • Join a community with other practitioners for support and referral in different regions around SA
  • Regular newsletters with informative articles from global leaders in CST (4-6 annually)
  • Providing a platform of professionalism and standards for CST and all therapists


All registered practitioners are required to continue their education to maintain registration with the Association.   At present you will be asked to complete five / seven days of recognised training CST every two years.

 This can be obtained in the following ways:

  • Post graduate trainings :These trainings are aimed at maintaining and enhancing practitionership and they vary in focus and length and usually concentrate on speciality subjects of CST.
  •  Attendance of CST Association gatherings
  • Attendance of relevant courses on application: Eg nutrition : one day equivalent of half day

Application Form

Please fill out the application form which will be emailed to us.

Membership Types

  • Registration fee – R 200.00 

Once-off payment for ALL applications

  • Full Membership – R 480.00 per year. (running from July to June of the next year)

All members who have received their Diplomas and have done their six extra days of training. (Members will have to prove that they had done this by CSTA-SA as from the end 2005).

  • Student Membership – R 280.00 per year.

Any member who has partly/is still studying CranioSacral Therapy. Students of other Institutions may also be registered as Student Members.

  • Full Membership by Association– R 480.00 per year. (running from July to June of the next year)

Anyone who has studied with other Institutions, locally or overseas (training institutions not of SA origin) and who can submit a copy of their diploma.

South Africa

In South Africa, the CSTA-SA is closely linked with the SA Institute of Cranial Studies (SAICS) as the students who graduate from the Diploma course are then entitled to become full members of the Association and are afforded a listing on the website as an accredited practitioner. Student memberships are for those who are studying towards a Diploma with an accredited Institution.

United Kingdom

The following UK Schools run training courses accredited by the Craniosacral Therapy Association. The courses vary in length from one to two years or more, depending on their format, and lead to qualifications accepted by the Association.


We also accept graduates from the following international schools who hold Diplomas / who have attained an acceptable level of Craniosacral Therapy education and practical application.